kenji kawai



I make art of something we are loosing.

Are we happy?

Are you happy?

We are in the 21st century.

Technology has been glowing.

We can live conveniently.

We can buy things that we want.

This society gives us our demands such as beauty, joy, happiness, sadness, or any feelings as merchandise.

It's nice and convenient.

Surely we are getting something. But, we are also loosing something.

What are we loosing?

We can not see what we are loosing but we feel we are loosing something.

Medical has progressed.

We can live longer and healthier.

We can change our bodies so easily.

You can be beautiful physically.

You can be strong physically.

We can avoid physical pain and mental pain.

We don't feel pain but we feel pain that we don't feel.

The pain we can't get away.

Physically how much you could be beautiful or physically how much you could be strong,

you can not get away from the truth who really you are.

You can fake others but not you.

I make art of something we are loosing.

I make art to show that none is perfect.

None is strong.

Everyone is suffering for something.

Everyone is struggling from the suffering.

I depict the human suffering.

I sculpt the human struggling.

The suffering is the turning point of the human life.

The struggling is the departing point for the human to the new journey.

I believe a human being is beautiful because of the struggling.

I make art for the beauty.

Only a human being makes art.

Everyone can be artist.

Art is not about form.

Art is not about technique.

Art is the suffering.

Art is the struggling.

Art is the life.

We can create art to express the life.

I want to connect to you by my art.

I want you to connect to me by your art.