Asura was god.

The god was sad.

The god was drunk.

The god was heartsick.

The god was kicked out from the society.

The god has become vandal, Asura.

asura picture2

Asura is alone.

Asura is upset.

Asura is furious.

Asura is angry.

Asura is violent.

Asura has none to talk with.

Asura has none to laugh with.

Asura doesn't have anything to relate.

Asura looses half emotion.

asura picture3

Asura has only dark mind and dark emotion.

Asura only believes in violence.

Asura only communicates to others by violence.

Asura doesn't forgive.

Asura doesn't forget.

Asura breaks things.

Asura breaks feelings.

Asura doesn't like, doesn't like everything.

Asura doesn't like being Asura.

asura picture3

Asura wants to get out from being Asura.

Asura wants to be saved.

Asura tries to get out by violence.

Asura tries to be saved by violence.

Asura fight against Deva.

Asura fights against the light, justice, love...

Asura knows he will never overcome against Deva.

Asura fights, fights with violence.

Asura breaks, breaks own body, own soul, own heart...

Asura is brokenhearted.

asura picture 4

The god was brokenhearted.