The Thread

A thread hung down upon my head

when I was given birth to from the sky.

Upon my head,

I noticed a shadow which wriggled along the thread.

I felt the thread as my destiny.

There is my happiness at the last arrival point,

the sky, along the thread.  

I want to climb up the thread

faster and higher than anybody else.

I control the desire, and I study hard.

At first I get knowledge

how efficiently and effectively I can climb up to the thread.

I have to avoid a waste.

I have to eliminate an obstacle.

I start exercising to get physical strength.

I am absorbed in the exercise

for climbing the thread faster, longer, and stronger.

I set ready for the climbing.

I start climbing up the thread.

There are so many people over my head.

They are uneducated people

who don't know how to climb.

I shoot the people so easily.

I encounter a person

who struggles with the thread.

I step on the person's head and go ahead.

A person who is probably tired is resting on the thread.

He calls out to me.

I ignore him and hurry away from him.

A nuisance appears.

I kick the nuisance

down from the thread.

I don't suffer fools gladly.

The happiness is mine.

The sky is mine.

I climb,

climb up myself.

I kick others out from the thread.

I climb.

I keep climbing up the thread to the sky.

I kick hundreds of people.

Time of several thousand goes by.

I struggle.

I cry.

I scream.

I don't reach,

reach to the sky.

I don't catch,

catch the happiness.

My body stops.

A sigh leaks out from inside of my body.

None is in my sight.

Do I climb up the highest point?

Do I obtain the happiness?

I continue stopping.

A person is climbing up by me.

I try to kick him down.

I hesitate to do it.

He is smiling.

I start climbing again.

He follows me.

I can kick him out whenever I want.

He is still smiling.

Strangely my exhaustion disappears.

His smile absorbs my sweat, blood, and tears.

I climb the thread.

I view his smile.

Light comes in.

I arrive.

I arrive at the final point.

I look back.

He is there.

My hand touches his hand for an instant.

He leaves his smile.

He falls.

He falls from the sky to the ground.

He let go of the thread from his hand.

I found his smile.

I understood the meaning of the smile.

You were in sadness.

You despaired.

You saved me.

I … you.

I realize the happiness.

I realize the sky.

The thread snaps.













<the thread> from solo exhibition